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Frequently Asked Questions

Who visits Hannagan Meadow?

Everyone! Our guests travel to Hannagan Meadow Lodge from all over the country, even around the world. All our guests vary in backgrounds and have different family situations. Parents bring their kids to experience the great outdoors. Executives come to take a well-deserved break from schedules and appointments. Couples come to spend time together. Individuals come to escape the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

Although there are hundreds of reasons why people visit, all guests have a desire to experience the peace and quiet, the nature and the unique feeling Hannagan Meadow Lodge as well as the White Mountains of Arizona.

What kinds of luxuries are at the Lodge?

A Rustic, Old-World FeelLet us point out that this is not the Ritz-Carlton, and we never plan to be that type of property! But we have taken great care to provide the comfort of modern conveniences while perserving the rustic "old-world" feel. There are lakes not far from The Lodge, but we do not have a Jacuzzie, and have endless hiking trails, but we do not have an exercise facility on the property.

All Lodge rooms are uniquely decorated and have private bathrooms with showers. All cabins are heated with fireplaces, wood burning stoves, or propane. All of the cabins have newly renovated kitchens with basic pots, pans, dishes and utensils provided.

And, if you get really desperate to email your office or know the score of "the big game," we can help you out, but you're going to have to produce a note from your mother, three character references and a bribe (chocolate chip cookies work the best). This is all for your own good. You're supposed to be "taking it easy," remember? We have free wifi for guests to use only on the first floor and on the front porch at the main lodge.

What amenities can we find at the Lodge?

We have taken great care to provide the comfort of modern conveniences which will keep you happy, while still preserving the rustic "old-west" feel of your visit. All Lodge rooms are uniquely decorated in gorgeous antiques and have private bathrooms. Our lobbies have an open fireplace and a wood burning stove. Visit our dining room page for your dining pleasure.

All cabins are heated with propane. Three of our cabins have an open fireplace, the rest of them have a wood burning stove. All of our cabins have full kitchens. If you do not want to spend your time cooking visit our dining room page for more information.

There is no cell service at our location, we do have wifi, but no TV. There are no phones in the lodge rooms or cabins. Your stay at the lodge is spent in our pristine forests, visiting the lakes, taking a hike or just sitting back and relaxing.

What is there to do at Hannagan Meadow?

Your leisure activities are limited only by your enthusiasm and stamina. Check out our lists of Eastern Arizona activities, warm weather activities and cold weather activities. At Hannagan, we suggest a deck of cards, a board game, a great novel, a visit to the bonfire, try your hand at pitching horseshoes or hang out on the front porch chatting with friends and family. Get out and enjoy all the beauty Eastern Arizona has to offer by foot or by horse.

Our famous cowboy cook-out is held every Saturday from 6pm to 8pm from Memorial day week end to Labor day week end. Come enjoy a rib eye steak with dutch oven potatoes and beans cooked by our famous chef Charley.

Kids love it at Hannagan Meadow Lodge!

What if I just want privacy and to be left alone?

This is also totally OK at Hannagan Meadow Lodge. The greatest amount of privacy comes when staying in a freestanding cabin up the hill from the main Lodge. However, even in a main Lodge room, if you want to be left alone, you will be! Many guests crave the quiet and solitude and that's just fine with us. Our main concern is that your stay at Hannagan Meadow is exactly the kind of escape that you want it to be. You will not be forced to sing "Kum-Ba-Yah" around the fireplace or to share your life story, unless you want to!

What's up with wolves near Hannagan Meadow?

National attention was drawn to Hannagan Meadow once more beginning in 1997, when Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt proceeded with the Mexican wolf Endangered Species Reintroduction program as recommended by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. A press conference was held in the fireplace room of Hannagan Meadow Lodge.

Through the mid-1900's, Mexican gray wolves in Arizona were completely extirpated, with only a few remaining in Mexico, and were officially listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act in 1976. The reintroduction program began with 11 wolves being placed into acclimation pens off-limits to human contact. These wolves were initially released into the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area in March 1998.

The overall management plan is to have 100 free-ranging wolves in the recovery area (Arizona and New Mexico) by the year 2005. There are eight wolf packs free-ranging in the area as of April 2003, including the Bluestem, Hawks Nest, Cienega, Saddle, Francisco, Gapiwi, and Luna packs, plus one lone wolf.

These packs total 24 radio-collared wolves, and based on other data from the field such as sightings and tracks, biologists believe there may also be 16 uncollared wolves in the wild. Uncollared wolves are pups born in the wild or wolves with collars that are no longer transmitting.

The wolves are not interested in human contact and there has never been any documented instance of an attack on people. The presence of wolves in the forests near Hannagan Meadow is something to delight in, not to fear. Click for more information about the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, or click for an update on the progress and location of the various wolf packs being studied. You can also read an article about the wolves by wildlife technician Rich Bard.

Can we visit the Lodge even if we are not staying there?

EVERYONE is welcome to stop by Hannagan Meadow while in Eastern Arizona. Of course, the best way to experience the unique feel of the property and all the fun activities is to stay right on-site. But if you're just passing through, please stop and say hello! The Restaurant is open to the public; you do not need to be a guest of the Lodge to enjoy it. Generally, there is always someone in the Lobby or on the front porch who would love to show you around.

The Lobby of Hannagan Meadow Lodge Welcomes EVERYONE!

Will we go hungry at the Lodge?

The Hannagan Meadow Lodge Restaurant offers excellent freshly-prepared food. We also have a variety of snacks and drinks. With advance notice, we can also prepare a simple picnic lunch for you to take on your daily adventures. If you are staying in a cabin, you will have the tools you need to cook for yourself. But feel free to relax and let us do the cooking for you.

Can we plan group events at the Lodge?

Certainly! For a delightful family reunion, hunting party, woman´s weekend away, a wedding, group or club getaway... Hannagan Meadow Lodge is happy to provide you with the perfect location for your group gathering. Many of our groups have reserved the entire property for their affair, or perhaps just the Cabins or just the main Lodge rooms. If you're a smaller group, you are welcome, too! We can comfortably accommodate groups up to 65 and also provide special services such as buffet-style catering.

What are the people in Hannagan Meadow like?

You will find that the people of Eastern Arizona are incredibly friendly and down-to-Earth. If you are in front of the Lodge, you will notice that each time a car drives by, the inhabitants will usually stick their hand out the window in greeting. Many locals and area visitors stop by the General Store to stretch their legs and enjoy a refreshment.

Our staff is also happy to talk with you and share their knowledge of the area. Because we are such a small property, you will find that by the end of your visit you will probably have chatted with just about everyone on-site before you leave. You will have great stories to share with friends and family when you return to the reality of your regular life.

Did you know?

  • Hannagan Meadow Lodge maintains the highest-altitude weather reporting station in Arizona.
  • The nearby Mogollon Rim (a couple-hours' drive to the north) has the world's largest concentration of lightning storms.
  • The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest is the world's largest stand of ponderosa pine trees.
  • The nearby Blue Range Primitive Area is the only remaining primitive area in the U.S. National Forest System.
  • Due to our high elevation, Hannagan Meadow frequently has the first and last winter snow in Arizona.
  • The first specimen of the colorful butterfly speyeria mormonia luski was discovered at Hannagan Meadow.
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