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Welcome to the White Mountains of Arizona! You are vacationing in one of the few wilderness and primitive areas in the lower 48 states.

Here are few reminders for your safety and enjoyment:

You are in high elevation and operating on 70% of the oxygen that is present at sea level. Take frequent breaks, drink plenty of water, and do not over exert yourself. A good hiking pace is one that allows you to talk or sing as you go.

Drink every 20 minutes. In summer, it is cooler, but very dry here compared to Phoenix and Tucson. Water is the most important item in your pack. A diluted solution of a sports drink will help with salt loss through sweat. Pack snacks that will not melt.

UV radiation is more intense at high altitude. Be sure to wear and replace sun block throughout the day. SPF 30 or higher is recommended, a hat is also helpful.

Suggested attire: closed toe shoes or boots and socks- no sandals, comfortable clothes for the weather, a hat, sunglasses, a daypack, poncho or rain top if hiking in July and August monsoon weather. Camera, hiking staff or poles, light jacket or fleece top are optional. Bear Wallow area has poison ivy, long pants are suggested.

An adult or guardian must accompany anyone under the age of 18.

All of the trails are in Wilderness or National Forest areas. There may or may not be restroom facilities at trailheads. There are no restrooms on any trail route, so please plan accordingly. We practice no trace hiking- "pack it in, pack it out".

Due to the Wallow fire of 2011, many trails will go through burned forest areas.  While not all areas are burned, some are more scenic than others.

Suggested Hikes:

Mount Baldy:

Trailhead elevation: 9200' top of trail 11,000". Length 14 miles round trip. One of the best and most scenic trails in the state. Trail winds through stands of Ponderosa, Aspen and Douglas Fir. Numerous lookout views of 70 miles or more. Strenuous. (Drive from lodge is approximately 1 hour.)

Escudilla Mountain/Terry Flat:

Trailhead elevation: 9300' top of trail 10,950'. Length 12 miles. Hike the 4th highest peak in Arizona. Steep uphill grade to summit, can see the San Fransisco peaks in Flagstaff on a clear day. Second half of hike skirts around Terry Flat. Many wildlife and birding opportunities. Strenuous.

Acker Lake:

Trailhead elevation: 9200', varies +/- 500' . 7 miles round trip. Leave from Hannagan Meadow and walk through Douglas Fir and Spruce forest to a beautiful hidden alpine lake. Many wildlife and birding opportunities in early morning and evening. Moderate.

P Bar Lake:

Trailhead elevation: 9200', descends to 8500'. 6 miles round trip. Leave from Hannagan Meadow and walk downhill to a scenic pond. Some trail winds through the recent burn area. Lots of Aspen and Fir. A "reverse" hike- uphill on the return. Moderate.

Hannagan Loop:

Trailhead elevation: 9200', varies +/- 500'. 6 mile loop trail. Leave from lodge and walk a scenic loop trail east and north of the lodge. Pass by historic line camp cabins, follow a seasonal creek, view spectacular flowers in the open cinegas. Be mindful of marshy areas in late spring. End at lodge. Easy to moderate, uphill on return.

Escudilla Summit:

Trailhead elevation: 9300', steep ascent to 10,950'. 6 miles round trip. Leave lodge at 7:30am. Beautiful hike through dense aspens, high alpine meadows and spruce forests to lookout tower. 90 mile views on a clear day. Strenuous. Outstanding fall colors during September and October.

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