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Best Recreation Cabins in the White Mountains of Arizona

Getting away from the hectic routine of everyday life can be a breath of fresh air. Spending a few days in the White Mountains of Arizona can help you unwind in a piece of paradise. At Hannagan Meadow Lodge, we offer a wide variety of activities to enjoy in the great outdoors surrounded by lakes, diverse canyons, streams, and much more. This can be the perfect place for the getaway adventure you’ve been needing.


Our Accommodations 

At Hannagan Meadow Lodge, we provide you with luxurious accommodations in The Lodge, or a more private forest getaway feel with our Rustic Cabins. Our rooms are available year-round, and you can count on the conveniences of the lodge and restaurant. If you wish to visit with a large group, you can rent out all of the Lodge. We guarantee your satisfaction with our lodging in the White Mountains of Arizona.

The Lodge 

Our lodge accommodates guests who prefer more luxurious rooms. It has 7 bedrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The Lodge also has 2 lobbies where you can spend your downtime, and we will gladly accommodate any special needs or requests our guests have. 

Rustic Cabins

If you’d rather opt for a more spacious and private option, our rustic cabins can provide you with that in addition to kitchen and bathroom facilities. Each of our cabins has a unique look, so feel free to explore our options and book the one that you like the most.

Activities You’ll Enjoy

Hannagan Meadow Lodge has a variety of activities that allow you to enjoy the White Mountains responsibly and safely. Our guides have the experience, the knowledge, and use of the latest equipment and technology to make the most of your adventures. We offer activities year-round, whether you want to enjoy sledding in the winter, or horseback riding in the summer. 

Book Your Stay In Scenic Alpine, Arizona

It’s time to take a break from the everyday hustle and enjoy the great outdoors and the many adventures it has to offer. If you would like to book a room in the Lodge or a rustic cabin, we will gladly accommodate you. Please feel free to reach out to us for more information or if you have any questions. We look forward to your visit. 


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